Jason's Story

Born on April 28, 1987, Jason Gomes was a healthy and active child who enjoyed sports and excelled in all he tried from a very young age.

A top student and sportsman

Over the years, Jason proved to have a natural talent for sports and played on elite hockey and soccer teams. As he grew older, he realized that although he wanted to continue his schooling, he aspired to combine higher education with his love of hockey. He worked hard and his dedication paid off: in Spring 2004, he received acceptances from two prestigious U.S. prep schools. He ultimately chose Millbrook. In June 2004, however, just before his graduation from College Ste-Anne, his world and his dreams were shattered by three sombre words "you have cancer".

Despite the ups and downs of the months that followed, including a near fatal bout with a streptococcal infection, Jason beat the odds with the help of his trusted Doctor Denis Soulières, hematologist and medical oncologist at Notre-Dame Hospital in Montreal. In February 2005, a poignant article appeared in La Presse in which Jason outlined his struggles of the last few years as well as his determination to fight the dreadful disease that had stricken him.

A determined fighter

In Fall 2005, Jason’s cancer unfortunately returned. Undeterred, he underwent the necessary treatments and fought as hard as he could. His fierce determination and will to live, however, were not enough to combat the aggressiveness of the cancer. Jason passed away on February 3, 2006.

A source of inspiration and hope

Jason is a source of inspiration for all of us. He may be gone, but the fund will live on in his memory to bring comfort and encouragement to other youths and their family in times of need.